WeSellCellular.com is the premier global platform where wholesale cell phone distributors, retailers, repair shops, and smaller distributors can buy new and used cell phones wholesale. Before building WeSellCellular.com, we spent almost two decades earning our reputation as the most reliable cell phone wholesale distributor in the USA. Because of the relationships we have built for over a decade, we not only source inventory directly from carriers, manufacturers, and big box retailers, but we have also partnered with Brightstar, one of the largest wholesale cell phone distributors in the world, to connect you directly to its massive source of supply.

We know that a steady supply of used iPhone, Samsung, and other Android devices is key to your business. As veterans of the industry, we are also well aware of the problems caused by inconsistent testing and grading. We set ourselves apart by providing transparency and consistency. When you buy from us, you know what you are getting, regardless of which stock you select.

Our History

The WeSellCellular.com platform was formed by the marriage of WeSellCellular, one of the most reputable carrier wholesale distributors in the USA, with the technology team behind uSell.com, one of the leading cell phone trade-in websites in the country. WeSellCellular’s handson experience combined with uSell’s technology enabled us to develop the first truly self-service platform built specifically to address the issues that wholesale mobile phone distributors and retailers face each day.

Today, WeSellCellular.com is more than just a carrier wholesale distributorit is a global platform connecting global supply with global demand. Our mission is to meet the inventory needs of every used cell phone distributor, retailer, refurbisher, and repair shop by making the process of sourcing inventory seamless and risk-free.

Inventory Sourcing and Quality Control

We understand that every wholesale cell phone distributor, retailer, and repair shop depends on consistent supply. That’s why we have designed two different inventory streams to ensure that we always have the stock you need.