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The iPhone 6 Plus was Apple’s answer to the demand for a bigger phone. This model’s release in 2014 was a “phablet” design that offered a larger screen (5.5-inches, the first to go beyond a 5-inch screen) and sharper resolution. Apple made some adjustments to ensure that it would be more comfortable to hold by scrapping harsh edges in favor of rounded, matte aluminum. As an 8th-generation device, the iPhone 6 Plus is now 5 generations old. 

Older devices like the iPhone 6 Plus are stable models that offer wholesalers and resellers low price volatility and reliable consumer demand. Whether you are looking to place a small or bulk order, WeSellCellular has the inventory you need. In partnership with Brightstar, we provide wholesalers and resellers with an Online Stock List that is constantly updated in real-time. We offer our clients transparent pricing, precise grading, and an easy checkout process.


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WeSellCellular is your iPhone 6 Plus wholesale connection. We provide the inventory, quality, and service you need to keep your stock up to date. We always stay abreast of industry trends to ensure that our wholesale inventories are adjusted accordingly. Our precise grading process means you know exactly what you’re getting every time you place an order. Our testing and grading practices are the most thorough in the industry.

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Consistent Inventory

Our Stock list inventory comes directly from major carriers and large-scale suppliers so you can buy the iPhone 6 Plus in bulk whenever you need to

Accurate Grading

Our stringent testing and grading process is the most thorough in the industry and yet is easy to understand

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Buy the iPhone 6 Plus wholesale through our Online Stock List or via our sales reps and your order will usually ship in a day

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Our 30-day return policy is designed to protect our customers. If something goes wrong, we make it right

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WeSellCellular is one of the most transparent iPhone 6 Plus suppliers due to our precision when testing and grading any SKU. Take advantage of our self-service platform to find the inventory you need and enjoy a hassle-free purchasing process when you complete your iPhone 6 Plus bulk order. You can get a great iPhone 6 Plus wholesale price whether you Buy Now to lock in quantity or Make Offers to find a mutually beneficial price for your iPhone 6 Plus bulk order.

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WeSellCellular’s inventory is always being updated. We partner with the industry’s largest suppliers and major carriers to curate a vetted supply of high-quality Apple devices. Popular models like the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone X are always being added. You can subscribe to our Daily Stock Report or personalize your Stock Alerts, and we will notify you via email when wholesale iPhone 6 Plus handsets come into stock.