Buy Wholesale Android Phones in Bulk

There’s a healthy market for used Android phones, and WeSellCellular takes the guesswork out of restocking your inventory with top brands. Finding the bulk Android phones you need is simple with our real-time, self-serve Online Stock List. It’s open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In most cases, your order will ship in as little as 24 hours. When you need help, our knowledgeable sales reps can help you find wholesale Android phones from Samsung and other top brands.

Some Of The Used Wholesale Android Phones We Offer

While most used phone suppliers have limited inventory, WeSellCellular has nurtured relationships with carriers, manufacturers, and big box retailers to ensure that you can find the wholesale Android phones you need. We have also partnered with Brightstar, one of the largest wholesale handset distributors in the world, to connect you directly to its huge supply of bulk Android phones. Our ready-to-ship inventory includes top-selling Samsung phones and other in-demand smartphones featuring the latest technologies, as well as offering the older, less volatile models. All devices on our stock list are thoroughly tested and expertly graded so you can buy with confidence.


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Buy Wholesale Unlocked Android Phones

Wholesale unlocked Android phones are must-haves for used phone wholesalers and retailers. Thanks to WeSellCellular, you can buy unlocked Android wholesale phones at your convenience. We offer a large collection of wholesale unlocked Android smartphones. And, we provide the best unlocked Android phones wholesale price options.

Browse our selection of wholesale unlocked Android phones. You can also sign up for personal Stock Alerts to receive notifications when we update our inventory.

Why Should You Sell Wholesale Unlocked Android Smartphones?

Locked Android smartphones can be tough to sell. This is due to the fact that these devices are tied to the carrier that initially provided them. You can unlock a wholesale Android smartphone. However, the process to unlock a Galaxy, Pixel, or other Android devices can be problematic.

If you buy Android phones in bulk, you will need to unlock each one individually. In addition, there is no standardized process to unlock all Android models. In lieu of unlocking wholesale Android devices, you may choose to sell them locked. But, in this instance, you may not get as high of a price.

The bottom line: Wholesalers and retailers that can supply wholesale unlocked Android smartphones are the cream of the crop. They understand what matters most to consumers and can supply them with first-rate unlocked Android devices.

What to Expect When You Buy Wholesale Unlocked Android Phones from WeSellCellular

WeSellCellular recognizes that only the best wholesale unlocked Android models will suffice for you and your customers. So, we unlock Android phones before we sell them to wholesalers and retailers.

If you buy unlocked Android wholesale phones from WeSellCellular, you’ll always get high-quality devices. We evaluate every Android device before we add it to our inventory. In addition to unlocking Android phones, we ensure they work properly. We also assign grades to our Android products, so you know exactly what to expect before you finalize your purchase.

Our comprehensive grading process ensures you’ll never have to worry about buying a defective Android smartphone. We verify that every Android phone we sell meets our stringent requirements. Only then will we add the phone to our inventory.

We supply unlocked Android phones wholesale price options to accommodate wholesalers and retailers across all budgets, too. Our goal is to provide you with Android devices that won’t break your budget. To accomplish our goal, we work diligently to keep our wholesale Android phone prices as low as possible. The result: You can pick up outstanding wholesale Android devices and maximize your ROI.

Let’s not forget about the outstanding service you’ll receive when you work with our team, either. We provide self-service options that let you browse our Android phone inventory and make purchases 24/7. But, if you need or want assistance as you shop for wholesale Android phones in bulk, we’re happy to respond to any concerns or questions. We encourage you to stay in the loop regarding our available wholesale unlocked Android phones. That way, you can purchase the latest and greatest unlocked Android devices in bulk and keep your inventory up to date.

The WeSellCellular Advantage

When you buy wholesale Android phones from us, there are no surprises. We have the most consistent and accurate testing and grading in the market. We understand the challenges associated with inconsistent testing and grading, so we abide by the highest standards of transparency and consistency in the business. That makes it easy to select devices that meet your quality needs. You can either buy at our list price if you need to secure inventory fast, or you can make an offer on any SKU to ensure that you get the price you need. When the bulk Android phones you want are unavailable, you can set an alert to receive an email as soon as they appear in our stock list.

Bulk Android Phones in the Quantities and
Conditions You Want

Buy Wholesale Android Phones in Bulk from WeSellCellular

The only way to grow your business is to find a reliable supplier you trust. WeSellCellular’s reliability is what sets us apart. Buying Android wholesale phones through our premier global platform is always simple, fast, and hassle-free. Even when you have very specific and time-sensitive inventory demands, you’ll find the exact devices you need when you need them because our inventory is always updated frequently, competitively priced, and ready to ship.

Wholesale Andriod Phones FAQs:

How do I buy wholesale Android phones?

WeSellCellular lets you purchase Android wholesale phones at your convenience. You can create an online account and search our Android phone inventory. Select the Android devices you want and finalize your purchase. We'll then prepare and ship your order.

How do I ensure that the wholesale Android phones I buy are graded accurately?

We recognize the importance of accurately grading wholesale Android models. Our team uses a highly refined grading scale to ensure you always get the best Android devices.

Our Android phone grading scale features Primary and Secondary grades. We assess the critical functions of Android devices and grade them accordingly.

We assign a Primary grade to any phone that passes our key functional tests. Here are our Primary grades:

A1: Show no signs of use.

A2: Have minor defects that are noticeable on close inspection and/or under light.

B1: May have light scratches and/or scuffs.

C1: May have multiple scratches and/or scuffs.

C2: May have deep scratches, scuffs, and other cosmetic defects.

KFCG: Have a cracked screen.

KFLB: Have an LCD blemish (white spot, yellow spot, discoloration, or burned image).

Secondary grades are assigned to phones that have one or more non-key functions that do not work. Here are our Secondary grades:

PGL: Power on properly and have no screen cracks or LCD blemishes.

PCG: Have a cracked screen.

PLB: Have one or more LCD blemishes.

PTID: Have a defective touch ID sensor; some may also have a cracked screen and/or LCD blemish.

Our exacting grading process ensures you know what to expect from any Android devices you buy from WeSellCellular.

How do I know which wholesale Android phones are in stock?

WeSellCellular updates our Android wholesale product inventory regularly. We encourage you to check out our inventory to see what's in stock. Also, you can sign up for Android inventory updates, so you'll be alerted any time new products become available.

Will other wholesale Android phone brands become available?

We stock Android phones from Samsung, Motorola, and other top brands. Our inventory is frequently updated to ensure you can access the latest and greatest Android devices.

What are the most popular wholesale Android phones?

Our focus is selling Samsung wholesale Android phones. The Samsung Galaxy is one of our most popular wholesale Android phone models. In addition, we may stock the Motorola Moto G, Google Pixel 3, LG G8X, and other Android devices. We watch and evaluate Android sales trends to ensure our inventory remains up to date.