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Android has been the best-selling OS on smartphones worldwide since 2011. With more than 2 million monthly active users, the Android OS represents the largest installed base on the globe. Android users have more than 3 million apps to download in the Google Play store alone.

The enduring appreciation for Android devices means that having access to a consistent supply of wholesale Samsung phones is essential for resellers. Finding the right supplier allows you to buy Samsung phones in bulk based on demand. WeSellCellular offers the wholesale cell phones Samsung resellers are looking for at competitive prices. Our hassle-free ordering and clear grading process ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Some Of The Used Wholesale Samsung Phones We Offer

At WeSellCellular, we offer a dynamic, hassle-free way to replenish your inventory. Our platform provides real-time, self-serve options that connect you to in-demand models like Samsung Galaxy S9 wholesale devices. In addition to our robust and consistent supply of bulk Samsung phones, you’ll also find iPhones in bulk.

We’ve developed a platform made to help resellers get exactly what they need quickly. When you shop from the WeSellCellular self-serve Online Stock List, you can complete orders around the clock. We give you the option to purchase at list price or make an offer on any SKU. When you buy Samsung phones wholesale on our platform, orders typically ship within 24 hours. Our user-friendly, self-service platform is bolstered by our friendly, knowledgeable sales team.


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Partnering with the largest suppliers in the industry, WeSellCellular is able to consistently offer our clients the Samsung devices they need to keep their own inventories fresh. Our selection of bulk Samsung phones features favorites like the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7 Edge, and the Galaxy S9. Every phone we sell is subject to a stringent testing and grading process for quality-control purposes.

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Unlock access to graded, competitively priced wholesale Samsung phones by creating your WeSellCellular account today. You can then get set up to buy Samsung cell phones wholesale from WeSellCellular using our fast, hassle-free sourcing process. If a model you’re looking for isn’t available, simply sign up for a personal Stock Alert to receive an email as soon it arrives in our stock or subscribe to our Daily Stock Report to receive updates on inventory and pricing.

Wholesale Cell Phone Samsung FAQs:

Where can I buy wholesale Samsung cell phones?

WeSellCellular is a leading provider of wholesale Samsung cell phones. We source our Samsung product inventory directly from carriers and manufacturers, which allows us to consistently stock a wide range of Samsung devices.

How do I buy wholesale Samsung cell phones?

Create an account with us. You can then use log in to browse and purchase wholesale Samsung products.

How do I ensure that the wholesale Samsung cell phones I buy are graded accurately?

Our Samsung product grading scale offers unparalleled accuracy. We assign a Primary or Secondary grade to Samsung devices based on their functionality. This ensures you receive the highest-quality Samsung phones your customers want.

Samsung cell phones are given a Primary grade if they pass all functional tests. There are seven Primary grades:

A1: Nearly flawless and show no signs of use.

A2: Appear flawless but have minor blemishes that are visible up close and/or under light.

B1: May have light scratches and/or scuffs.

C1: May have several scratches and/or scuffs.

C2: May have heavy scratches, scuffs, and other cosmetic defects.

KFCG: Have a crack in the screen.

KFLB: Have an LCD blemish (white spot, yellow spot, discoloration, or burned image).

WeSellCellular assigns a Secondary grade to our wholesale cell phones from Samsung if one or more of their non-key functions do not work as expected. We have four Secondary grades:

PGL: Power on and have no screen cracks or LCD blemishes.

PCG: Have a cracked screen.

PLB: Have a white spot, yellow spot, or another type of LCD blemish.

PTID: Have a defective touch ID sensor and may have a crack in the screen and/or LCD blemish.

Our grading scale takes the guesswork out of purchasing Samsung wholesale cell phones. We make it easy to purchase quality Samsung devices at your convenience.

How do I know which wholesale Samsung cell phone models are in stock?

Check out our inventory of wholesale cell phones from Samsung to see which Samsung models are currently available. Also, you can sign up for personal Stock Alerts, so you'll receive an email any time we update our Samsung wholesale device inventory. You can subscribe to our Daily Stock Report to stay informed about Samsung cell phone inventory and pricing updates, too.

Are all colors for Samsung wholesale cell phones available?

We strive to provide Samsung wholesale cell phones in all colors. Browse our inventory to find out which Samsung device colors are in stock today. In addition, you can receive personal Stock Alerts or subscribe to our Daily Stock Report to find out when Samsung models in your desired colors become available.

What are the most popular Samsung wholesale cell phone models?

The Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and Galaxy S9 are among the most popular Samsung wholesale cell phone models. WeSellCellular keeps pace with consumer demand for Samsung wholesale cell phones. We continuously update our Samsung cell phone inventory, so you can provide your customers with the Samsung devices they want.