WeSellCellular.com is the premier online source for ready-to-ship wholesale cell phones. Below, you’ll find links to different device brands like Apple and Samsung that will lead you to our real-time Online Stock list. 

We understand that ,  large and small wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and , repair shops all depend on consistent supply, which is why all the wholesale used cell phones we carry are sourced directly from the largest carriers, manufacturers, and big box retailers in the world. If you need new, used, or wholesale refurbished cell phones fast, you can use our self-service platform to see our inventory in real time. You can then either purchase at list price or ake offers on the devices you need., We will ship your order in as little as 24 hours. 

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The WeSellCellular Advantage

What matters most when choosing a wholesale cell phones distributor in the USA is consistent availability of inventory and accurate testing and grading. By leveraging long-standing relationships, WeSellCellular provides its customers with a steady source of wholesale used phones. We maintain our own warehouse full of ready-to-ship iPhones, Samsung phones, and other in-demand devices. We have also partnered with Brightstar, one of the largest suppliers of new and used handsets in the world, to offer direct access to its inventory. That means we always have the inventory you need.

WeSellCellular takes the guesswork out of purchasing wholesale phones in bulk by offering full transparency into our testing and grading standards. In addition, our Online Stock List, makes it so you will never have to wait for a quote. Our easy to download tracking numbers and manifests make it simple to verify that the wholesale used phones you’ve ordered arrive as expected, and our easy RMA process provides a simple process to return them if any issues arise. 

The Brands We Offer

The mix of inventory we carry in our Online Stock list reflects recent consumer trade-in trends, market demands, and input from our diverse client base of small and large wholesalers, distributors, , retailers, and repair shops. We understand that when buying mobile phones wholesale, inventory needs can change from week to week, which is why we carry a variety of wholesale mobile phones from the following major brands:


Selling used iPhones is the least risky because these handsets hold their value longer than any other device. According to Business Insider, used iPhones routinely sell for more than same generation Android phones and iPhones retain around 15% more value than Android phones. This is because Apple is still viewed as the premium brand all over the world.


Samsung is the second most in demand brand when it comes to wholesale smartphones.  While they still lag far behind Apple in terms of global demand, there are certain geographies where these devices move quickly. This creates a big profit opportunity if you are able to unlock these geographies.

Buy Wholesale Cell Phones in Bulk from WeSellCellular

We make the process of buying wholesale smartphones in bulk simple, transparent, convenient, and fast. Our consistent inventory is accurately graded, thoroughly tested, and ready to ship. Our Online Stock list  means you never have to wait for a quote. And while our knowledgeable sales reps are here to help you find the inventory you need, our self-service platform enables you to source wholesale mobile phones any time, day or night.

Are you ready to buy used cell phones wholesale? When you partner with WeSellCellular to keep your shelves stocked with high-quality, in-demand devices, you minimize the the unpredictability of your business. We aim to minimize the risk out of buying wholesale cell phones so you can focus on what you do best- selling them and increasing your profits.