What We Do

We Sell Cellular is one of the country's most trusted value-added suppliers of smart phones and accessories. Through relationships cultivated for over a decade, we source new and used devices directly from carriers, manufacturers and big box retailers.

We Sell Cellular maintains its R2 Certified Facility in Edgewood, New York. All devices that we source undergo our stringent, best-in-class triage process during which they are both functionally tested and cosmetically graded. As veterans of the industry, we are well aware of the challenges that come along with inconsistent and incomplete triage, and we therefore strive to differentiate ourselves through transparency and consistency.

Along with our parent company, uSell.com, Inc. and our sister site, uSell.com, we strive to redefine this industry by using best in class technology to simplify the process of buying and selling devices.

Our Process

  • Purchasing

    • We source new and used devices directly from carrier trade-in programs, big box retailers, and manufacturers
    • Buying in bulk directly from the source ensures a consistent supply of devices at competitive prices
    • The mix of inventory we purchase reflects not only recent consumer trade-in trends, but the market demand expressed by our diverse client base
  • Triage and Grading

    • All received devices are serialized and all personal data is destroyed according to R2 standards
    • All devices are tested for functionality using our 45 point checklist to ensure consistency
    • Minor repairs are carried out to extract the maximum value from each device
    • Following testing, all devices are cleaned, visually inspected, and graded based on our stringent cosmetic grading criteria
    • 5% of devices are randomly selected for QC to ensure strict quality standards
    Grading Scale
  • Resale / Recycle

    • After triage and grading, devices are prepared for resale
    • Devices are kitted and shipped based on customer requirements
    • Devices that are deemed unfit for resale are recycled responsibly and in compliance with R2 standards for data destruction and environmental stewardship
    • Read more about our Environmental Health and Safety policy here

Meet The Team

Brian Tepfer

Founder and

After earning his degree in Finance from Hofstra University, Brian immediately invested in the wireless sector, opening retail stores and helping to launch a telemarketing company in the New York metropolitan area. Brian founded We Sell Cellular with his brother Scott Tepfer in 2002, and has been leading the team with a keen eye on strategy and innovation ever since.

Scott Tepfer


After earning his degree in finance at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland, Scott Tepfer began working within the wireless world, with a primary focus on sales and staff management. He currently manages the We Sell Cellular Sales and Purchasing Divisions, utilizing his years of wireless experience to mold an inventory and service environment that is among the best in the business.

Kathy Koziol


Before joining We Sell Cellular in 2009, Kathy assisted various organizations streamline their operations through automation and refinement of processes. With an undergraduate degree from The George Washington University and an MBA from Dowling College and 24 years of distribution experience, Kathy has streamlined We Sell Cellular's operations while cementing a workflow process which has helped to push the company to its current heights.

Justin Smith

Sales Executive

Justin began working with We Sell Cellular in 2005 after earning his degree in economics at the University of Connecticut. Justin uses his years of experience and unmatched knowledge of the industry to develop new sales channels for We Sell Cellular. He continues to expand his worldwide client base while offering a level of service that existing clients rave about.

Phil Weiss

Sales Executive

Before joining We Sell Cellular at its inception in 2003, Philip worked for a major computer manufacturer managing both sales & operations. Having spent the past 13 years in the mobile handset industry, he has developed a deep knowledge of industry trends and has developed a large base of clients worldwide. Philip spends his time both developing new business relationships and working with large international and domestic clients.

Dan Coyne


After earning his degree from the School of Economics and Business at Oneonta State University, Daniel joined We Sell Cellular in 2013. Since then, he has managed all ecommerce stores and has been an integral part in the growth and success of those channels. He also assists with purchasing for We Sell Cellular and is responsible for developing and maintaining business relationships with multiple vendors.