What We Do

WeSellCellular.com is the premier online platform where wholesalers, retailers, refurbishers, and distributors can buy new and used cell phones wholesale. Through relationships cultivated for over a decade, we source inventory directly from carriers, manufacturers and big box retailers. As veterans of the industry, we are well aware of the challenges that come along with inconsistent testing and grading, and we therefore strive to differentiate ourselves through transparency and consistency. When you buy from us, you know what you are getting, regardless of which stock you select.

Inventory Sourcing and Quality Control

We understand that your business depends on consistent supply. That's why we have designed two different programs to ensure that we always have the inventory you need:

We Sell Cellular Direct

We purchase directly from major carriers, manufacturers, and big box retailers. We test, grade, and warehouse these devices in our facility in Edgewood, New York.

Our We Sell Cellular proprietary warehouse carries R2, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications, which enables us to buy direct from the largest suppliers in the industry.

Our grading and triage standards are the strictest in the industry, so there are no surprises when you buy from us

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PhoneX Virtual Warehouse

We have partnered with Brightstar, one of the largest suppliers of used handsets in the industry, to offer you DIRECT ACCESS to its large supply of used handsets.

Devices in our PhoneX Virtual Warehouse are tested and graded to Brightstar's global grading standards. While these standards vary from those shipped out of the We Sell Cellular Direct warehouse, we have worked closely with Brightstar to ensure consistency and transparency.

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Regardless of which inventory source you choose, you will work with the same team of dedicated sales and customer service staff to ensure that your experience is seamless.

Buying from Us

We make the process of buying simple. While our sales reps are here to help, our customers have real-time access to our Online Stock list where they can self serve.

- Depending on where you are located, we may require tax exemption documentation before you start buying. Tax exemption documentation is not required for international buyers

- If you wish to purchase devices with the following Critical Defects, we will require R2 Certification:

  • No power/power cycle
  • Apple activation problem
  • Account lock
  • iTunes image
  • Passcode lock

- After you are onboarded, you will have instant access to our real time, Online Stock List, where you can quickly get pricing for the devices you need

- For refurbishers interested in PGL devices, you may also inquire about our Auction Platform

- Devices housed in our facility in Edgewood New York can be found under the warehouse name "We Sell Cellular Direct", while devices housed at Brightstar's warehouse can be found under the warehouse name "PhoneX Virtual Warehouse"

- At any time, you can lock in the quantity you need by buying at our List Price

- If the price is too high, don't worry! You can Make an Offer on any product you find in our stock list. We review these offers periodically and you will be notified via email whether we have accepted or rejected your offer

- Regardless of which warehouse you select, devices are shipped within 24 hours of payment

- We accept payments from all buyers via wire transfer. Buyers may also be approved to pay via Cash on Delivery (COD), credit card, or PayPal, based on creditworthiness and payment history. If you are located in the United States and you are in need of financing, we can also accept payments through our partner Behalf, who offers 30-day net terms to pre-approved customers. Read more about our partnership with Behalf.

- All orders can be tracked online. Tracking numbers and IMEI manifests are all easily accessible

- We are proud to offer a 30-day warranty on all devices purchased. See our 30 Day Return Policy to learn more.

Two Inventory Sources, One Team

Regardless of which inventory source you choose, you will work with the same team of dedicated sales and customer service staff to ensure that your experience is seamless.

Scott Tepfer

EVP, Sales

Kathy Koziol


Dan Coyne

Director of Sourcing

Justin Smith

Sales Executive

Phil Weiss

Sales Executive

Heather Ryan

Customer Service and RMA

Natash Lopez

Customer Service and RMA

Catherinne Cuji

Customer Service and RMA