WeSellCellular Improves the Sourcing Experience with Self-Service Options and New Supply Sources

As part of our vigorous commitment to streamlining the sourcing process for customers, WeSellCellular unveiled several self-service options in 2019. The new options are accompanied by WeSellCellular’s introduction of a major new source of supply for our customers. Here’s a glance at the big improvements we made in 2019:

  • A new collaboration with Brightstar, one of the largest providers of used iPhones and Samsung devices in the world
  • Features that enable customers to get shipping estimates in real time and save on shipping costs by consolidating shipments.
  • Dynamic alerts that ensure customers never miss price drops or inventory additions.
  • Better and more transparent access to account and credit balances.

The goal behind every improvement we make is to reduce the friction involved in the acquisition of new inventory  so that our customers can focus on what they do best: selling phones and generating profits . Increased access to better inventory, highly flexible ordering options, and more transparency during the ordering process are things that our customers have told us matter to them. 

Virtual Access to Inventory From a Leading Global Supplier of Wholesale Phones

One of the most important developments of 2019 for WeSellCellular was the introduction of the PhoneX virtual warehouse. This exclusive virtual portal makes it possible for WeSellCellular’s customers to purchase directly from Brightstar, one of the world’s leading suppliers of wholesale mobile devices. Buyers now have direct access to this supply, which comes straight from the source, when they  shop through WeSellCellular.

Dynamic Inventory and Price Alerts

Two additional new features released in 2019 are the Stock Alerts feature and the Daily Stock Report. As our Online Stock List is constantly being updated, customers can now choose to configure real-time alerts that provide instantaneous updates about inventory availability at a SKU level. Those looking for a slightly less real time method for keeping an eye on product availability and pricing can opt in for a Daily Stock Report, which provides a once-a-day update on SKU by SKU changes in price and quantity on the Stock List since the prior day. 

These new options expand transparency by giving buyers direct and real-time access to stock details without the need to wait to be contacted by a sales representative. Of course, expert representatives are still valuable assets for our customers, and person-to-person assistance is available to answer any questions or consult regarding special ordering requirements.

Shipping Quotes and Consolidated Shipments

WeSellCellular’s new shipping features improve the speed of ordering and reduce shipping costs for many customers. First off, we have updated our checkout system to provide real time shipping quotes. Previously, it was necessary to speak directly with a sales representative when working out shipping estimates. Customers can now generate shipping quotes instantly for different service levels and can compare the cost of insuring versus not insuring their packages during the checkout process.

Secondly, as a way to cut down on shipping costs, customers now have the option to consolidate shipments via our “Add to Unshipped Order” feature. This was a process that was previously handled offline through communication with sales reps, but customers are now empowered to consolidate shipments through the click of a button.

The above new features make it easy for buyers to get a picture of total costs during the checkout process. Sales representatives will still be able to lend their expertise when questions regarding shipping arise, and customers will continue to enjoy quick product turnaround times.

Better Account Access and Transparency

Our new account-balance feature empowers customers to check invoice statuses, payments, and credits in real time. The decision to introduce this feature is based on the principle that customers should be have transparent access to payment and and credit information at all times. This tool will help buyers keep their own records updated and consistent, and will make it easier to know when credits are available for use and when payment is needed to release an order.

Many Improvements with One Goal in Mind

WeSellCellular has been optimized to increase transparency and reduce friction for our customers, above all else. While WeSellCellular will continue to provide the quality sourcing and industry-leading distribution we always have, we now offer more features to streamline every aspect of the ordering process. Here’s what customers can look forward to with the upgraded experience:

  • A more robust and varied inventory.
  • Faster access to data on inventory and pricing.
  • Reduced wait times.
  • The ability to place orders outside of conventional business hours.

Customers will continue to enjoy consistent inventory, accurate grading, fast turnaround times, and easy returns that have made WeSellCellular a trusted provider of wholesale iPhones and Android devices. It will simply be easier for bulk buyers to find what they want with the pricing and quantities they need. In addition to our new partnership with Brightstar, we will continue cultivating the relationships we’ve developed with industry-leading carriers, manufacturers, and retailers to provide the high-quality inventory we’re known for.