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A Look at Mobile Carrier Handset Leasing and Equipment Installment Plans

All major carriers in the United States currently offer some form of leasing or equipment installment plan (EIP) that may be appealing for consumers looking for low-commitment options with low cost of entry. Roughly half of all smartphones purchased in the United States were linked to installment plans in the three months ending August 31, […]

How COVID-19 May Bolster Projected Smartphone Demand

The used smartphone industry is countercyclical in nature, given that when economies contract and consumers have less money to spend, they tend to opt for used devices. While the coronavirus will likely constrain the supply of devices in the used phone market for the rest of the year, it will likely have the opposite impact […]

What You Need to Know About Apple’s New 2020 iPhone SE

Apple has finally released its new 2020 iPhone SE. A first look is available in the video Apple released to announce pre-sale availability for the 2020 SE on April 15, 2020. Shipment of the new phone officially began April 24. This has been an especially interesting launch for several reasons. First, there was uncertainty as […]

How Demand for Different Grades Varies by Geography

If you are in the business of selling used iPhones and Samsung devices, you understand that whenever you source inventory you have to weigh the trade-off between price and grade. Whether you opt for higher grade devices that cost more or lower grade devices that cost less depends on your customer base. Either option is […]