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Buying on WeSellCellular’s Online Stock List vs. a Traditional Auction

If you buy and sell second-hand mobile phones for a living, you are pretty familiar with the process of purchasing inventory through auctions. Many of the large suppliers that resellers use for stocking inventory run weekly auctions. While auctions are the standard method of transacting wholesale cell phones in the industry, this does not make […]

A Look at 2020’s Most Popular Used Cell Phones

In the secondhand market, iPhones consistently retain their value better than their Android competitors. We believe that the main reason for this is that the Apple brand is a status symbol in many countries, so many consumers would prefer an older Apple model to a newer Android model. Beyond this, it is often easier to […]

The Latest iPhone Launch Rumors and Release Dates

The anticipation over if and when a fall 2020 iPhone release would happen reached a fever pitch this summer as the industry waited to see how economic downturns and production bottlenecks caused by COVID-19 affected smartphone manufacturers. Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about both release dates and iPhone details, making speculation harder than ever. As with […]

The 5G Future: 5G’s Impending Impact on the Cell Phone Industry

No topic is more prominent in the mobile industry today than 5G. While opinions on 5G’s impact vary, there’s no denying that 5G networks will shape how the world communicates and consumes media in the decade ahead.  As of summer 2020, all major carriers in the United States have active 5G networks. AT&T, T-Mobile, and […]

A Look at Mobile Carrier Handset Leasing and Equipment Installment Plans

All major carriers in the United States currently offer some form of leasing or equipment installment plan (EIP) that may be appealing for consumers looking for low-commitment options with low cost of entry. Roughly half of all smartphones purchased in the United States were linked to installment plans in the three months ending August 31, […]