If you’re looking to buy iPhones in bulk, you are likely already aware that every iPhone and iPhone Plus model has had its share of issues. It is important to understand the potential issues that you may face when purchasing these devices from any used iPhone wholesaler. Many of the common issues faced can be fixed with minimal cost.

In this post, we have compiled some of the most common and fixable functional defects associated with iPhone and iPhone Plus models. You will likely encounter all of these issues if you plan to buy iPhones in bulk.

1. Bad Batteries

Used iPhones generally have less battery capacity than new phones. However, some older iPhones can have rapid battery drain issues — where the battery goes from 80% down to 20% in a very short time period — especially after certain iOS updates. It’s also important to note that Apple confirmed that iPhones with older batteries will actually slow themselves down. The good news is that some known battery drain issues are software related and addressed in later updates. Apple also added battery capacity monitoring. In some cases, upgrading the phone’s iOS can be an effective fix.

How To Fix Bad Batteries

When upgrading the phone’s IOS does not work, replacing old batteries that don’t hold a charge with new batteries is relatively easy, so this is generally a manageable issue when you’re buying iPhones in bulk. Replacing old iPhone batteries can be done in just a few minutes once you get the hang of it. Here’s a video tutorial to get you started.

2. Touch ID Problems

In some cases, used iPhones have issues with the Touch ID security feature. Much of the time, these issues are temporary and can be fixed with software updates, but, as with battery issues, this does not always work. Touch ID has had issues since it debuted on the iPhone 5s, however, in later models Apple has enhanced the Touch ID sensor in subsequent devices.

How To Fix Touch ID Problems

If you buy iPhones in bulk and come across devices with touch ID issues, you should first try restoring system settings to their default values. You can also try restarting the phone and double check that the Touch ID feature is turned on in Settings. And if that doesn’t work, updating to the latest version of iOS and rescanning the fingerprint will sometimes take care of the problem permanently.

3.  Touch Disease

This was the most common defect in the iPhone 6 and 6+, but it does appear in other iPhone models, as well. Touch Disease happens when the touch controller chip fails to fully connect to the logic board. The first symptom is a flickering gray bar that appears at the top of the display. As the chip detaches further, the phone’s touch screen becomes increasingly unresponsive. It is possible to fix Touch Disease with a simple force restart or by deleting resource-intensive apps, restoring factory settings, or removing and replacing the SIM card.

How To Fix Touch Disease

If this does not work, however, the most reliable and only lasting fix involves carefully microsoldering the touch screen controller chip back on to the logic board.

4. No Vibrations

Replacing the vibration motor in a used iPhone can be a profitable repair because it’s relatively simple. Sometimes a handset will stop vibrating or providing any haptic feedback after an iOS updates, but the problem isn’t always caused by a software issue. When restoring factory settings or doing a DFU restore doesn’t fix the problem, chances are that the haptic engine is defective and needs to be replaced.

How To Fix No Vibrations

This step by step guide to replacing the vibration motor in an iPhone takes you through the process from start to finish.

5. Cracked Glass

This is a a highly common issue. Unfortunately, the only way to actually fix this issue is to replace the entire screen.

How To Fix Cracked Glass

The good news is that screen replacement can be one of the most profitable fixes and is relatively easy given the right equipment. This video demonstrates how to replace the screen on an iPhone 7 Plus and there are video tutorials for DIY screen replacement in for all iPhone models.

So, while the issues above do surface when buying iPhones in bulk, many can be fixed with minimal effort. At the end of the day , it all comes down to price. In some cases buying repair inventory can be more profitable than any other purchase, given that you get the right discount.

At We Sell Cellular, we help companies buy iPhones in bulk. As anyone in the industry knows, everyday in this business presents new challenges. Our goal is to help you get prepared to deal with whatever issues come your way so that you can maximize your profits.


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