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How to Sell Used Cell Phones Online

The market for used phones has grown year over year since 2017, which means there are more opportunities than ever before for motivated resellers to make a profit. Thanks to robust ecommerce platforms and reliable wholesale cell phone suppliers, resellers no longer have to stock large amounts of inventory or even have their own website […]

Apple iPhone Sales Forecasts for the 2020 Holiday Season

Apple has now unveiled the iPhone 12 lineup with confirmation that the first 5G devices from Apple are here. If you’ve been following the news, you most likely know that Apple is a bit late on releasing its fall iPhone models this year. The delay is due to production bottlenecks stemming from COVID-linked factory shutdowns. […]

How Customers Are Saving Money on Phones in 2020

During a time when nearly all industries are in flux due to COVID-19’s economic impact, consumers’ minds are fixated on finding saving money wherever they can. While few people will be disconnecting from their cell phones to save money, many are rethinking their spending habits in regards to device upgrades. Many people are taking savvy […]

Using Return Rates to Measure the Quality of a New Supplier

As you know, finding a reliable supplier of wholesale iPhones and Android devices is critical to the profitability and stability of your business. One way to gauge the quality of a new supplier is to inquire about their typical return rates. A supplier’s return rate is a good proxy for quality. As we will discuss […]

WeSellCellular Improves the Sourcing Experience with Self-Service Options and New Supply Sources

As part of our vigorous commitment to streamlining the sourcing process for customers, WeSellCellular unveiled several self-service options in 2019. The new options are accompanied by WeSellCellular’s introduction of a major new source of supply for our customers. Here’s a glance at the big improvements we made in 2019: A new collaboration with Brightstar, one […]

How European VAT Taxes Impact Cell Phone Wholesalers

Understanding VAT (value-added taxes) is crucial for used smartphone retailers and wholesalers doing business in the European market. All European countries implement VAT on purchases relating to any goods or services, and VAT is assessed in many different ways depending on the circumstances. If you operate purely in Europe, understanding VAT is essential to the […]

What to Consider When Sourcing Devices from Abroad

Phone resellers require a consistent inventory source that hits the right price point. It can be easy for some of the newer resellers in the industry to fall into the trap of simply signing on with whatever wholesale supplier promises the lowest price per unit. Some resellers are even willing to overlook the logistical and […]

Why Many Carriers Require R2 Certification

Anyone operating in the used mobile phone ecosystem has heard of R2 certification (responsible recycling certification). R2 certification is a company-wide certification that follows the industry-recognized R2 standard seat by the R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). It deals with the responsible and ethical handling of used electronics. Companies that meet compliance requirements use best practices […]

What Rumors About Apple’s 5G Release in 2020 Could Mean for Resellers

It is looking likely that Apple’s 2020 iPhone launch will include a total of four new 5G-capable devices. Most insiders had suspected this and many were confident that 2019 would be the year of 5G-capable devices for Apple. As resellers know, September’s launch of the iPhone 11 series dashed any hopes that the brand would […]