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Wholesale Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Specifications

Released in August 2023, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is designed for maximum durability and efficiency, with several upgrades from previous versions. Like the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, the unit has a 1.5-inch display with a 480 x 480 pixel resolution. The Galaxy Watch 6’s Exynos processor leverages a dual-core chipset for plenty of power and operability.

WeCellular’s bulk Samsung Galaxy Watch 6s offer a range of additional features, including rugged watch-grade fabrication and a sapphire crystal front for a blend of toughness and style. Accessories include a blood pressure monitor, heart monitor, accelerometer, thermometer,  stereo audio, and more.

  • Specs
    • Finish: Natural stainless steel finish
    • Display: 1.5 inches, 480 X480 pixels, Always-On (AMOLED) LED display
    • Core Technology: 
      • Exynos Chipset
      • Dual-core Processor
      • Mali-G68 GPU
    • Elements
      • Stainless steel frame
      • Sapphire Crystal Front
      • 20mm Wide Strap
    • Audio: Mono speaker, stereo capable 
    • Accessory sensors: 
      • Blood Pressure
      • Accelerometer
      • Gyro compass
      • Heart rate
      • Thermometer (skin temperature)
      • Proximity
    • Battery
      • Li-Ion 425 mAh
      • 10W Wireless Charger
    • Positioning and Location


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We Stock the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 in All Colors

WeSellCellular’s wholesale Samsung Galaxy Watch 6s (unlocked and locked) come with a natural stainless steel finish in two colors: black and silver.



Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Unlocked in Bulk

We offer our wholesale Samsung Watch 6s unlocked and locked. When buying Samsung Galaxy Watch 6s, remember that some features require a cellular signal and service plan.

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