Online Stock List vs. a Traditional Auction

If you buy and sell second-hand mobile phones for a living, you are pretty familiar with the process of purchasing inventory through auctions. Many of the large suppliers that resellers use for stocking inventory run weekly auctions. While auctions are the standard method of transacting wholesale cell phones in the industry, this does not make them the best method for either buyers or sellers. At WeSellCellular, we have had years of experience both buying and selling via auction. Due to the many drawbacks of auctions, we have innovated a brand new way of purchasing: the WeSellCellular Online Stock List. We believe that our online Stock List provides many of the benefits of an auction without any of the drawbacks.

A Closer Look at Buying Phones Through Auctions: Why Buyers and Sellers are Settling for a Less than Optimal Solution

The first major disadvantage that buyers face when purchasing through auctions is the lack of purchasing precision inherent in an auction. With most auctions, buyers are stuck purchasing whatever items sellers list in a particular lot. Sellers don’t allow buyers to pick and choose by splitting lots, so buyers are left with an all-or-nothing approach to restocking their inventory. In many cases, buyers are forced to purchase items that they do not need simply because these items are grouped with items that they do need. 

The second major disadvantage of an auction is that buyers must wait for auctions to close before they can secure their purchases. Auctions aren’t instant. In fact, it’s not unusual to have to wait up to a week for an auction to close before inventory is awarded. In this industry, this type of time delay is simply unacceptable. Often, buyers need to find inventory quickly in order to satisfy an impatient customer. Auctions introduce a level of inflexibility that hurts the ability of buyers to generate profits.

It is tempting for sellers in this industry to believe that they are somehow winning by imposing the above constraints on buyers. After all, auctions force competition, and the lack of flexibility imposed on buyers removes the operational burden from the seller. The seller can simply lump together inventory as it pleases and ship periodically rather than on a continuous basis. While all of this is true in theory, the practical reality is that auctions simply result in lower prices, as buyers must “shade” their pricing in order to deal with the time delay and the risk of purchasing items they do not need. So, in the end, while auctions may appear seller-friendly at the expense of the buyer, we do not believe that there is such a thing. What is good for the buyer is by definition good for the seller, given that buyers will always pay a premium for what they need, when they need it.

The Benefits of Purchasing From WeSellCellular’s Stock List

WeSellCellular recognizes that buyers in the secondhand mobile industry do not have the luxury of time. That’s why we developed our Online Stock List that puts more control in your hands regarding how you purchase, when you purchase, and what you purchase. Unlike auctions, our Online Stock List allows you to shop for targeted phone models in an on-demand fashion. The Stock List enables you to search for the items you need, when you need them, rather than forcing you to wait to take an entire lot that may not suit your needs

The WeSellCellular Online Stock List provides access to a real-time inventory list that updates every 15 minutes. There are no preconfigured, rigid lots here: What you’ll find is a robust inventory that represents a wide array of in-demand iPhone and Android devices. All devices are shipped within 24 hours of payment when purchased from WeSellCellular, and all orders can be tracked online as they move through fulfillment to shipping.

There’s no waiting game to play once you start purchasing from WeSellCellular’s Online Stock List. If you see what you need in stock, simply place an order via our “Buy Now” option to guarantee the quantity and have it shipped out quickly. You also have the option of using the Stock Alerts feature and subscribing to the Daily Stock Report to keep tabs on new inventory and price changes

We also offer a “Make an Offer” feature if the prices you see are not within your target range. This feature offers the flexibility of auction-style bidding in the context of on-demand buying. The bottom line is that the WeSellCellular Stock List provides you with a more seamless way of getting the products you want at prices that work for you.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of WeSellCellular’s Online Stock List

Buying from WeSellCellular’s Online Stock List enables you to source devices with more certainty and flexibility. Our Stock List provides you with the ability to pick out what you need, monitor pricing, make offers where you need a lower price, and get items shipped to you fast. Stop settling for whatever’s on the auction block and start cherry-picking the exact devices you need.