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The iPhone 12 Mini was released in tandem with the iPhone 12 in fall 2020. The iPhone 12 Mini is distinguished from its larger sibling by its screen size—a sleek 5.4 inches. In every other respect (processor, cameras, OLED HDR capable screen) the Mini is identical to its big brother. That means that despite its small size, the iPhone 12 Mini is a true flagship-tier phone, without much in the way of compromises.

The Mini is a great choice for demanding phone users looking for exceptional performance, from the superb camera to the highly capable A14 processor. With the Mini, you give up virtually nothing but screen real estate, and you gain a phone that can more easily be used with one hand, and fit into purses and pockets.

As the iPhone 12 Mini is now a single generation behind the cutting edge, it occupies the high end of the wholesale market. The A14 processor remains a respectable performer, capable of running any app the user might require. Overall, the 12 Mini presents an appealing discount over current-generation iPhones while giving up very little. It is an excellent and affordable entry point into the iPhone family. WeSellCellular stocks meticulously graded iPhone 12 Minis in bulk. Our curated selection and competitive iPhone 12 mini wholesale prices represent great value for our customers.


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